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Sep 01, 2019

Hello, you beautiful souls!

It does not matter where you are at...student, new grad, seasoned clinician...I know that all of you are here with a greater goal of making a positive change in healthcare- at least that is what I hope! 

Here is the one of us alone is going to be able to accomplish that on our own. Hell, even a large group of individuals may not be able to, BUT! What we truly believe here at The Level Up Initiative, is that if that group is comprised of passionate, humble, tempered radicals, all working to FIRST be the best human that they can possibly be...then damn...change is gonna come! 

That is why we are pouring our hearts into creating an experience that places a high priority on GROWTH MINDSET, CRITICAL THINKING, and COMMUNICATION.

That is why we support FAILURE, as a means of and opportunity for growth.

That is why we make sure that humility, respectful challenge, supportive attitudes, and integrity permeate throughout our Level Up community. 

That is why we focus on taking ACTION, in even the smallest ways, on a daily basis. Because that is where it starts. 

It starts with YOU; each and every one of you; taking action every day, every week, over years, to actually create change and not just wish for it.

Building yourself benefits all of those around you and makes it POSSIBLE for a group such as ours to finally start to make some meaningful, positive change in the chaotic galaxy that is healthcare. The humans that we serve depend on it. is this blog going to help us do any of that?! I am so glad you asked…

This blog is going to be an extension of the GUIDE. The guide voice will be mine, but, true to Level Up philosophy, I will be bringing in many guests to help me shine light on the path ahead. Here are some of the ways we will do that…

  • Personal stories about difficult situations or times
  • Patient stories or case studies that were very challenging
  • Level Up member highlights
  • Expanded discussion on research reviews and/or relevant research 
  • Guest entries/stories of growth mindset (or any of our other core values)

So buckle up, and join us on this journey. As you learn and grow, you will, in turn, become the GUIDE for your clients. This is where the magic happens, and this is what we are hopeful will become the slow trickle of change leading to an unstoppable river flow into our current healthcare system. 

SO! Let’s kick things off with a Thought Prompt:

What has been your greatest struggle in life to date, and how, if at all, has it resulted in something positive (even if not immediately)? 

Think about it, ask a friend, discuss, and share your thoughts! Most importantly, keep your eyes and ears open for Blog #2, where we get into the real meat of things. Thank you for listening everyone!

Stay hungry. Keep growing. Always learning. 



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